SupPlant embraces Amazon RDS for MySQL to establish high-end performance for their unique plant-sensing technology

SupPlant embraces Amazon RDS for MySQL to establish high-end performance for their unique plant-sensing technology Client 1 SupPlant embraces Amazon RDS for MySQL to establish high-end performance for their unique plant-sensing technology Client 2
SupPlant embraces Amazon RDS for MySQL to establish high-end performance for their unique plant-sensing technology Client 1 SupPlant embraces Amazon RDS for MySQL to establish high-end performance for their unique plant-sensing technology Client 2

Agronomic guidance technology enables a quantum leap for the agricultural industry

Global-level company SupPlant’s mission is to qualitatively & quantitatively improve performance for agro-businesses worldwide, supplying farmers and agriculturists with up-to-date and actionable agronomic knowledge that changes the basic concept of irrigation practices.

According to, in the majority of the world’s regions, 70% of water is used for agriculture. Close to 2050, when our planet will be feeding approximately 9 billion, people will need a 50% increase in agricultural production and a 15% increase in water retractions. It means that ensuring environmental sustainability and intelligent water management for precision irrigation is currently more than essential. Fortunately, SupPlant’s unique plant recognition technology (an advanced AI-powered precision farming platform) is capable of saving water on a global scale while maximizing water use efficiency, increasing yields, and boosting agribusinesses’ productivity.

Partnership Goals

Contemporary agricultural companies require modern data management instruments that make it much easier not only to collect data about their/around the world crops and weather/climatic changes and vulnerabilities but also properly process it; taking that new era for agricultural solutions is impossible without a personalized approach.

SupPlant’s unique AI-powered system uses an advanced algorithm that analyzes large amounts of live data (collected over 1500 growing seasons) from plants, soil, and weather sensors and converts it into irrigation recommendations and actionable insights. With that in mind, SupPlant’s unique platform was supposed to support highly frequent user operation and data management with significant load to meet the highest reliability and security standards of the agricultural industry.

Searching for a cost-efficient yet robust solution to improve its database framework in the AWS ecosystem, SupPlant turned to ProfiSea as an AWS Certified Consulting Partner to support the project and set up top-notch AWS-based database infrastructure components highlighting the importance of maintenance, availability, operability, reliability, and security improvements.

Why AWS?

Building a cloud environment on AWS is always a good idea considering that Amazon Web Services accounts for over half of cloud service users (52%), owns 34% of the global cloud market, as well as Netflix, Quora, NASA, Reddit, and Pinterest, like many other business giants, are hosted on AWS. AWS provides all the necessary infrastructure to make your entire system scalable and easy to manage.

AWS provides relational database services (RDS) for open source database engines such as MySQL and PostgreSQL. Services come with a variety of computing, memory, and storage options tailored to different workloads. Amazon RDS also offers multi-availability zone capabilities in most AWS regions to provide automatic failover and improve application availability.

Moreover, Amazon RDS, in general, and Amazon RDS for MySQL, in particular, streamline time & energy-consuming database-related tasks, typically accomplished manually. Amazon RDS allows you to perform complex mechanisms such as processing, cloning, and scaling with a simple API call or through the AWS Management Console.

Reaching the goals 

As a Consulting Partner in the AWS Partner Network, Profisea designed and implemented a well-architected SupPlant database architecture improvement plan helping facilitate faster collaboration for SupPlant’s teams by taking care of the following DevOps tasks:

  • Establishing data multi-operational mechanism of large data volumes
  • Implementing well-engineered business logic for data operations
  • Setting up automated data backups and an effective disaster recovery plan
  • Enabling high-availability of database environments via various Availability Zones
  • Improving performance via detecting and resolving critical stability issues like slow SQL queries, slow requests, capacity bottlenecks, and sources of memory bloat and leaks
  • Ensuring the safety of sensitive data via Amazon RDS for MySQL’s encryption
  • Ensuring continuous data reading, data analytics, and reporting processes
  • Guaranteeing and upholding a 99.999% uptime and enhanced fault tolerance capabilities that increased SupPlant customers’ satisfaction to 89% from 78%
  • Establishing data architecture provisioning via IaC (infrastructure as code) practices using Terraform as a commercial templating solution
  • Improving infrastructure maintainability and operability due to well-rounded automation with Amazon RDS for MySQL
  • Increasing SupPlant’s teams’ productivity by 68% due to complete automation of previously manual data management processes
  • Setting up continuous monitoring, notification systems, and continuous vulnerability checks for database workloads via AWS CloudFormation templates.

SupPlant embraces Amazon RDS for MySQL to establish high-end performance for their unique plant-sensing technology Image 1

AWS services used: Amazon RDS for MySQL, Amazon EKS, Amazon ECR, Amazon Route53, Amazon S3, AWS CloudFormation, Amazon ElastiCache, AWS Key Management Service (AWS KMS), AWS Certificate Manager.


SupPlant experts developed an innovative AI-powered data collection and data management platform that handles large data volumes, in no small part thanks to using easy-to-setup & operate AWS services. Amazon RDS for MySQL dramatically simplifies building, managing, and scaling a rich database architecture in the cloud.

Leveraging Amazon RDS for MySQL allowed SupPlant’s experts to reduce maintenance/operation costs, easily change capacity to match their business needs, and automate time-consuming database workload provisioning. The well-designed and implemented SupPlant already existing AWS-based database architecture improvement plan helped notably increase customers’ satisfaction and free time to focus on more critical tasks for highly talented SupPlant teams.

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