Quicklizard Implements State-of-the-Art Automation to Elevate their AWS Infrastructure

Quicklizard Implements State-of-the-Art Automation to Elevate their AWS Infrastructure Client 1 Quicklizard Implements State-of-the-Art Automation to Elevate their AWS Infrastructure Client 2
Quicklizard Implements State-of-the-Art Automation to Elevate their AWS Infrastructure Client 1 Quicklizard Implements State-of-the-Art Automation to Elevate their AWS Infrastructure Client 2

Quicklizard Brings Radical Change to the E-Commerce Industry

Quicklizard has taken the lead in transforming digital pricing for retailers and direct-to-consumer (DTC) brands. Powered by science and designed for success, Quicklizard’s platform has won over the E-commerce industry by presenting an end-to-end powerful pricing solution for E-commerce and omnichannel retailers. Quicklizard’s innovative AI-based platform constantly monitors and analyzes terabytes of information from multiple data sources, allowing customers to easily achieve pricing excellence at scale and outperform their business goals.

Quicklizard’s next-generation platform easily integrates between E-commerce and retail platforms to produce AI-powered pricing recommendations that allow customers to set optimal prices based on their business goals. To keep pace with Quicklizard’s business growth and customer base expansion in the European market, the company prioritized an infrastructure automation project that would enable it to migrate production versions to Europe. Their intention was to give their already well-designed AWS-based production environment an upgrade that called for security, reliability, scalability, and automation enhancements.

Partnership goals

With the rapidly growing popularity of its innovative AWS-based platform among retailers and E-commerce brands, Quicklizard’s decision-makers prioritized infrastructure automation that would facilitate migration of a slightly improved production version to the European market. After entering the European market, the need arose to create a separate cluster across AWS for Europe that would reduce latency for clients in this area. Quicklizard chose Profisea with the aim of working together to create a solution that focused on:

  • designing and implementing the migration of the existing infrastructure from the USA to the European region
  • adopting IaC (Infrastructure as Code) to increase speed, maintain consistency and reduce management overhead
  • setting up a CI/CD pipeline to automate the software deployment/delivery process
  • automating infrastructure to reduce timeframes and eliminate errors arising from manual configuration processes
  • autoscaling to optimize resource utilization in real-time in preparation for traffic spikes
  • implementing security management, system backups, and configuration management for better control and security.

The main goal was to achieve the highest level of automation while accelerating and simplifying infrastructure management. With the help of Profisea, a consulting partner in the AWS Partner Network (APN), Quicklizard achieved its goals by deploying several AWS cloud service solutions built on the best practices of GitOps, DevSecOps, and Kubernetes-based cloud environment deployment automation. Profisea’s AWS-certified Kubernetes-experienced DevOps experts provide the full spectrum of cloud services, from smart customization of existing environments to end-to-end cloud infrastructure design that meets customers’ business requirements.

Why AWS?

AWS provides all the infrastructure needed to easily configure and manage the entire system. The services are effective, agile, and flexible, which means that Quicklizard gets more automation and control while keeping costs under control. Among its advantages are scalability, high performance, reliability, and security and we could incorporate several AWS services to meet all of Quicklizard’s goals.

Amazon EKS helped make it easier to run Kubernetes on AWS. With it, the Kubernetes control plane is provisioned and scaled in various AWS availability zones, providing high availability and reducing the chance of system failure.

Amazon RDS also plays a considerable role in infrastructure automation. It provides cost-efficient and flexible capacity while automating cumbersome administration tasks such as hardware provisioning, database setup, patching, and backups. Amazon RDS frees development teams to concentrate on more crucial things — applications that will provide new features, faster performance, security, and the compatibility they require. Furthermore, Amazon RDS has built-in flexibility and is therefore cost effective since one pays only for resources actually used.

Amazon ElastiCache can be used for caching, which increases application and database performance, or as a primary data store for short-term uses such as session stores, streaming, and analytics. Amazon CloudFront helps to deliver content to viewers at low latency and high transfer speeds. Migrating databases is no simple feat, but thanks to AWS Database Migration Service we were able to accelerate and simplify the transition.

Achieving the Customer’s Goals

To meet and surpass Quicklizard’s goals, Profisea’s experts actively leveraged AWS services and implemented the following steps:

  • We evaluated the existing infrastructure and expanded it from the USA to the European continent with appropriate system updates.
  • Our team implemented Infrastructure as a Code via Terraform.
  • We moved workloads to AWS EKS and made them a part of CI/CD to automate processes.
  • The databases were backed up for production from the USA to Europe and moved to Amazon RDS via AWS Database Migration Service.
  • We set up scheduled backups of Amazon RDS for better data protection.
  • We automated Terraform with Jenkins. All changes were made via MRs and Apps were deployed via Argo CD. Disaster recovery was set up and tested to reduce downtime.
  • Our team created and ran a series of security tests. We also set up a VPN for increased security and privacy.

AWS services used:

Amazon EKS, Amazon RDS, Amazon ElastiCache, Amazon CloudFront, AWS Database Migration Service


Profisea experts implemented an automation upgrade for Quicklizard’s AWS-based infrastructure so that Quicklizard’s customers could seamlessly enjoy a scalable, robust pricing platform to adapt to market changes and seize opportunities to increase revenue. Moreover, Quicklizard gets complete control of the system along with security visibility at scale. To our delight, our partner, Quicklizard, says they can now deploy their new features much faster. In addition, Quicklizard’s development team can deploy to production independently, saving time and allowing developers to focus on more critical aspects of the application.

Next Steps

Quicklizard plans to use the same solution to upgrade its production for American customers to match the incredible speed experienced in Europe and save more time. We also continue to work with Quicklizard by providing 24/7/365 technical support to their own team. Profisea’s NOC engineers monitor platform performance and infrastructure to ensure that everything works as intended and downtime is kept to a minimum.

Trusted by Market Leaders, Profisea Shakes Up Cloud-Based Ecosystems

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