The Top 5 Container Management Challenges in 2023

Containers have become the preferred method of application delivery for DevOps teams, probably because they offer increased fle...
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Embracing GitOps with Profisea: Simple, Scalable, and Secure Cloud Infrastructure

To meet the challenges of cloud infrastructure that is constantly growing in size and complexity, along comes GitOps to help yo...
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Inspiring DevOps Engineers: Unlock Motivation to Drive Success

In today's fast-paced IT industry, the role of DevOps engineers encompasses a wide range of responsibilities. However, the dema...
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Premium DevOps & Cloud industry practices for your flawless ecosystem

Profisea fosters collaboration between your IT teams to maintain fast product execution while minimizing downtime, delays, and issues that negatively impact the end-user experience. Well-equipped with best industry practices, Profisea experts empower customer-tailored software release pipelines through cloud environments for accelerated time to market at a lower cost.

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Profisea experts have a superpower to humanize technology, attentively learning our customers’/partners’ requirements and collaborating to develop tailored cloud solutions that perfectly fit your business's needs. Our dedicated professionals become a part of your team and implement best DevOps practices to design, build, operate, secure, and scale unique cloud environments to maximize performance, ensure faster deployment, improve product quality, and reduce time to market.

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Our case studies

Image Case Scalable, Resilient, and Secure: INX’s Cloud Journey with AWS and Profisea

Scalable, Resilient, and Secure: INX’s Cloud Journey with AWS and Profisea

The INX Digital Company, Inc. is undeniably succeeding in bringing the future of finance into reality, having already developed distinctive technol...
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Image Case Profisea and Phenome Networks: Enhancing Business with AWS Infrastructure as Code

Profisea and Phenome Networks: Enhancing Business with AWS Infrastructure as Code

Company profile To produce and operate in the competitive and dynamic agricultural sector, plant breeders continuously need information on the per...
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Image Case Profisea boosts SupPlant’s performance via AWS Monitoring/Logging Solution

Profisea boosts SupPlant’s performance via AWS Monitoring/Logging Solution

Customer info SupPlant is an Israeli company that develops precise sensor-based equipment for collecting real-time data from farms around the worl...
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Companies who trust us

Tamir Margalit
VP R&D at KITOV.ai

Profisea’s experts supported us through the whole process…
“I would like to thank Profisea’s team for helping us to migrate our version control and CI systems. Profisea’s experts supported us through the whole process, from strategy definition, installation, configuration, migration planning to training, mentoring and supporting our development teams. We look forward to the opportunity to work together again.”

Amit Krelman
VP R&D at SirinLabs

We’re fortunate to find such a nice partner…
“We’re fortunate to find such a partner! You guys showed extensive expertise and a custom approach to our business goals. Thanks to your technical excellence and in-depth knowledge of our domain. I’m grateful to your team that analyzed and took over our very complex DevOps infrastructure and built a new DevOps infrastructure.”

Tomer Paz
Co-founder at Concertio

Profisea is my preferred choice to get things done…
“Worked with Profisea on several projects for couple of years. Profisea have demonstrated professionalism, dedication to project success, delivery on time, working in flexible hours and high quality software delivery. Especially for DevOps and Cloud Automation projects, Profisea is my preferred choice to get things done!”

Why Profisea

Handle all cloud infrastructure pains at once! Dozens of companies like yours turn to Profisea to plan, design, connect, optimize, automate, secure, and run the cloud infrastructure for their most critical applications. Profisea DevOps, Cloud Computing, and Test Automation experts provide application management services integrating our DevOps high-end expertise in the customer’s product development flow, confidently winning the cloud-based digital market’s trust.


Leveraging the finest DevOps tools and practices, we combine our insights, skills, expertise, and experience to unite your business, development, testing, and operation processes into a single perfectly functioning delivery mechanism. Our highly dedicated professionals temporarily join your team(s) to transform your organizational mindset to increase your productivity and, as a result, upgrade your agility, value, and quality.

Solid Innovation

We use the most advanced and trusted tools and technologies. With a strong partnership network, Profisea is backed by software creators and has all the needed support to provide our customers with an innovative and secure cloud infrastructure. Profisea dexterous specialists will be happy to help you handle the rapidly evolving and challenging path to digitalization.

and Flexible Approach

With an individual approach highlighting, we focus on each client’s business goals and needs, providing a differentiative pricing structure for each specific project. Our flexibility allows our clients to receive the best quality service while paying a reasonable price without hidden costs or huge fees.

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