Playstream: Redefining Live Streaming Engagement through AWS Cloud Migration with Profisea

Playstream: Redefining Live Streaming Engagement through AWS Cloud Migration with Profisea Client 1 Playstream: Redefining Live Streaming Engagement through AWS Cloud Migration with Profisea Client 2
Playstream: Redefining Live Streaming Engagement through AWS Cloud Migration with Profisea Client 1 Playstream: Redefining Live Streaming Engagement through AWS Cloud Migration with Profisea Client 2

Customer Profile

Founded in 2020, Playstream is an innovative Israeli company that aims to enrich the interaction between viewers and streamers, creating a more captivating and enjoyable live-streaming experience. This commitment to viewer engagement is reflected in an AI video tool, Spikes.Studio, which generates highlights from live streams across various content types and platforms.  

Another Playstream streaming product, Challenge Accepted, allows viewers to actively challenge their favourite streamers in real-time, while supporting a wide range of games and compatible with major streaming platforms such as Twitch, YouTube, and Facebook. By providing creators unique solutions for growth and monetization, Playstream actively contributes to the expansion of the streaming community by fostering connections between gamers and their audiences. 

Partnership Goals

Until recently, Playstream utilized the Netlify and Hetzner platforms, but then decided on a strategic move to explore Amazon Web Services (AWS). This decision was driven by factors in keeping with Playstream’s vision for innovation, security, and cost-efficiency.  

Profisea, an AWS Advanced Tier Services partner, provided comprehensive support in orchestrating this migration project and establishing the necessary infrastructure on AWS, combining development and operations into a single agile delivery mechanism. The Playstream-Profisea partnership focused on DevOps and FinOps services, covering automation of environment building, enhancement of Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment (CI/CD), monitoring, and cloud security configuration. 

Why Amazon Web Services?

AWS offers a wide range of cloud services, from computing and storage to databases, analytics, and Artificial Intelligence (AI)/Machine Learning (ML) to build a complete infrastructure stack, optimize costs, and automate Infrastructure as Code (IaC) implementation. AWS cloud services are highly configurable, providing an extensive set of APIs, SDKs, and tools to create a scalable and flexible infrastructure. Also, AWS delivers a wide range of security features and services allowing definition of security policies, access controls, and network configurations.    

AWS services used in the project: AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM), AWS Certificate Manager, AWS Key Management Service (AWS KMS), AWS Web Application Firewall (AWS WAF), Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (VPC), Amazon Route 53, Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2), Amazon Elastic Block Store (AWS EBS), Amazon ElastiCache for Redis, AWS CloudFormation, Amazon CloudFront, Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3), AWS CloudTrail, AWS CloudWatch, AWS Lambda, Amazon Rekognition, AWS CodePipeline, Amazon SageMaker, Amazon Elastic Inference, Amazon Relational Database Service (Amazon RDS), Amazon Aurora PostgreSQL, Amazon Kubernetes (Amazon EKS), Amazon Elastic Container Service (Amazon ECS), AWS Fargate, and Amazon Elastic Container Registry (Amazon ECR). 

Reaching the Goals

One of the primary objectives was the setup of the Front End and Postgres DB. The deployment of the web server on AWS for the Front End was executed seamlessly, ensuring optimal performance and scalability. Simultaneously, the RDS Postgres database was created and configured according to DevOps best practices incorporate a Multi-AZ deployment for production and a Single-AZ setup without replication for the staging environment. 

Profisea’s experts configured Docker orchestration using Amazon ECS. This involved defining tasks for containerization, setting up an ECS cluster and service for deployment, and implementing auto-scaling policies to dynamically adjust resources and varying workloads. 

Basic CI/CD configuration to AWS VPCs using AWS CodePipeline streamlined the development workflow and accelerated the release process. A VPN setup was implemented to secure communication channels within the AWS environment, while Amazon CloudFront and AWS WAF were configured to fortify the cloud infrastructure against potential threats. 

Establishing basic monitoring tools became a cornerstone for Playstream, with AWS CloudWatch providing comprehensive insights into the system’s health. Logging and monitoring solutions tailored for AWS Fargate tasks were implemented, offering real-time feedback on performance. The migration of data from Heroku and Netlify to AWS involved a dry run validation, thorough testing of customer data, and flawless execution of the cutover, marking the official transition to AWS. 

To optimize costs related to Amazon Rekognition services, Profisea implemented FinOps strategies to ensure the efficient utilization of resources. The integration of ElastiCache for Redis enhanced the caching layer, contributing to improved overall system performance. Where applicable, Amazon Elastic Inference was implemented to align with the results and insights gained from SageMaker, Amazon’s cloud-based machine learning (ML) platform. 


AWS cloud migration under Profisea’s direction has delivered significant business outcomes to Playstream, including:  

  1. A highly scalable and reliable infrastructure capable of handling substantial workloads that perfectly meets the demands of the gaming industry.  
  2. Comprehensive visibility into all its cloud resource configurations, enabling systematic tracking and recording of changes.  
  3. Cloud automation and cost optimization that eliminate unnecessary costs while maintaining peak performance thanks to Uniskai by Profisea Labs. 

      4. Much improved security and compliance policies for Playstream following integration with Amazon CloudFront and AWS WAF.  

      5.The Playstream team was soon proficient in managing and optimizing the AWS infrastructure following Profisea’s successful knowledge transfer and provision of all the documentation the teams need going forward. 

Profisea: Your Trusted Partner for AWS DevOps Services and Cloud Migration

Profisea is an Israeli boutique DevOps and cloud company providing a full spectrum of cloud management services, from smart customization of existing cloud infrastructures to end-to-end cloud infrastructure design and optimization that meets the unique business requirements of each of our clients.   

Since 2015, Profisea’s DevOps engineers have been implementing top practices in GitOps, DevSecOps, and FinOps, and providing Kubernetes-based infrastructure services to help SMBs, SMEs, and large enterprises transform their organizational mindsets, increase productivity, boost performance and reduce cloud costs.    

If you are looking for optimized infrastructure and enhanced delivery processes, check out our DevOps as a service page to get more information about how we can transform your cloud journey.  

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