GeoX Leverages Profisea’s Expertize for Smooth Cloud Migration to AWS

GeoX Leverages Profisea’s Expertize for Smooth Cloud Migration to AWS Client 1 GeoX Leverages Profisea’s Expertize for Smooth Cloud Migration to AWS Client 2
GeoX Leverages Profisea’s Expertize for Smooth Cloud Migration to AWS Client 1 GeoX Leverages Profisea’s Expertize for Smooth Cloud Migration to AWS Client 2

GeoX is an award-winning Israeli AI analytics company that provides geospatial Property Data for insurance and real estate companies. Its Property SaaS Platform helps them perform reliable underwriting and correctly assess an entire insurance portfolio’s risks without physically visiting sites. GeoX patented AI uses Aerial Imagery, Machine Vision, and Deep Learning for fast and automated extraction of rich, accurate, 3D property data and dozens of its attributes. Such an approach enables significant cost reductions and lost revenue capturing.

Executive summary

GeoX sought a cost-efficient, prompt solution to migrate its development and production environments from their previous cloud platform to the AWS ecosystem. The company chose Profisea as AWS Certified Consulting Partner to support the project and set up all the AWS-based infrastructure components. Profisea’s main work scope was to seamlessly migrate all GeoX’s assets, leveraging only the AWS services relevant to the customer’s business and architectural needs. Profisea successfully completed the project within the timeframe and budget.

Tailored approach to the customer’s challenges

Following DevOps as a Service model, Profisea’s experts defined the roadmap, project phases, product backlog, tools, and milestones required for migration to AWS IaaS and PaaS solutions. As the customer SaaS product uses advanced Machine Learning (ML) algorithms, the environments are complex and have many elements that you could not lose during migration.

Hence, Profisea implemented Infrastructure as a Code (IaC) using Amazon CloudFormation, including ML infrastructure for SageMaker framework. Then, seamlessly moved the customer’s database directly to Amazon RDS via AWS Database Migration Service. Throughout the project, Profisea’s experts unified development and operations into a single agile delivery mechanism based on GeoX’s business needs, priorities, and organizational capacity.

Achieving the goals by using extensive expertise and the best industry tools

Profisea’s engineers effectively managed the customer’s cloud infrastructure and delivery cycle, helping facilitate faster collaboration and cross-functionality for GeoX’s teams. And took care of the following DevOps tasks:

  1. Automation of Environments Building to enable additional environments creation as a part of Project Delivery
  2. Seamless migration of existing cloud environments to AWS ecosystem
  3. CI/CD best practices and Elastic Inference implementation, configuring pipelines to AWS VPCs
  4. Adoption of container orchestration platform over AWS
  5. Setup and configuration of continuous monitoring systems for various environments to gain performance and stability real-time feedback
  6. Cloud security setup for AWS accounts to ensure compliance with the best practices of security and identity management

Profisea’s input that benefited the project

  • Quickly and successfully migrated GeoX from previous cloud platform to the latest AWS services without downtime. This enabled the company’s enterprise-wide innovations with the newly created, explicit AWS system architecture for production and development labs.
  • Single-handedly took care of the DevOps side, which relieved the customer’s employees from learning how to do everything in-house from scratch.
  • Integrated Docker orchestration, using GitHub flow directed straight to Amazon EKS to facilitate flexibility in starting, running, and autoscaling Kubernetes applications in the AWS cloud or on-premise. It helps the customer to provide highly-available and secure clusters and automates critical tasks such as patching, node provisioning, and dockers’ updates.
  • Set up advanced DevSecOps approach with the networking and security systems, using Amazon CloudFront CDN service combined with AWS WAF. These tools protect GeoX’s applications from common web exploits and vulnerabilities.

As a professional AWS Consulting Partner, Profisea provided the customer with world-class cloud migration services and robust Amazon instruments, achieving the project goals in time. GeoX continued its work during the migration process while the environments were being moved and approved on the AWS platform. The CI/CD cycle smoothly merged with the new infrastructure, and the full-on switch to AWS was finalized.

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