Profisea boosts SupPlant’s performance via AWS Monitoring/Logging Solution

Profisea boosts SupPlant’s performance via AWS Monitoring/Logging Solution Client 1 Profisea boosts SupPlant’s performance via AWS Monitoring/Logging Solution Client 2
Profisea boosts SupPlant’s performance via AWS Monitoring/Logging Solution Client 1 Profisea boosts SupPlant’s performance via AWS Monitoring/Logging Solution Client 2

Customer info

SupPlant is an Israeli company that develops precise sensor-based equipment for collecting real-time data from farms around the world that provide big and small agribusinesses solutions to the complexities of irrigation matched to diverse crops, soil types and weather conditions.

At SupPlant, engineers leverage Amazon Web Services to guarantee ultra-performance for their advanced AI-powered farming platform. The application analyzes a dataset that has been collected over 2200 growing seasons. Then this big data is compared with the customer’s data and fed into a unique agronomist-supported algorithm. The result presents high-resolution, real-time, and forecasted insights and best water usage recommendations that ensure vigorous harvests.

Partnership goals

SupPlant cooperated with Profisea’s experts to develop a monitoring/logging solution for its existing AWS environment that would allow any issue to be fixed before becoming crucial. The goal was to provide a low-cost monitoring system for logs, infrastructure, applications, and cloud services.

A key requirement was for the monitoring infrastructure to be more informative and less expensive than available commercial solutions. Another challenge was to collect logs with minimum load to SupPlant’s cloud infrastructure to prevent downtime and maintain the great performance of the production system.

Why AWS?

As SupPlant’s AI-powered platform analyzes huge amounts of data, it has to sustain significant loads, frequent user operations, and data management to meet the agricultural industry’s highest reliability and security standards. In this case, easy-to-setup and easy-to-run Amazon Web Services became a perfect choice for a company that wants to scale quickly without investing time and resources in its cloud infrastructure.

During the project the DevOps team used the following AWS services: AWS Batch, AWS Lambda, Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (Amazon EKS), Amazon Elastic Container Registry (Amazon ECR), Amazon CloudWatch, AWS Cloudtrail, Amazon EC2, Amazon EBS, Amazon S3, AWS Key Management Service (AWS KMS), and AWS SDK.

Achieving the goals

Profisea, a Consulting Partner of the AWS Partner Network, developed a top-notch monitoring/logging solution for SupPlant’s AI-powered farming platform.

The Prometheus-Grafana-AlertManager stack was chosen to visualize metrics via dashboards. With Datadog service used for logging and agents in the Kubernetes cluster, they now have a full-featured interactive dashboard monitor for the whole of SupPlant’s infrastructure performance and all its main metrics.




In addition to building a cost-effective monitoring/logging solution, Profisea implemented several subsequent DevOps tasks that:

  • improved productivity by 68% through automation of all data management processes;
  • guaranteed security of confidential information – data in AWS (EC2, EBS, S3 objects) was used with encryption keys, access to which was controlled by AWS Key Management Service (AWS KMS);
  • automated code security checks, performance testing, and deployment trigger per pull request;
  • increased performance by fixing critical issues such as system stability, capacity bottlenecks, slow SQL queries, requests, memory bloat, memory leaks, etc.; and
  • assembled 24×7 alerting and vulnerability testing.


SupPlant collaborated with Profisea to build a cost-effective and powerful monitoring tool for improving its infrastructure in the AWS ecosystem. DevOps experts ran the project and set up an excellent cloud infrastructure monitoring solution that takes into account growing demands for the availability, reliability, operability, and security of all system components.

In turn, these improvements reduced SupPlant’s cloud costs and raised operational efficiency, business continuity, and customer satisfaction which saved invaluable time to focus on further development.

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