INX Reshapes the World of Digital Assets Using AWS Services

INX Reshapes the World of Digital Assets Using AWS Services Client 1 INX Reshapes the World of Digital Assets Using AWS Services Client 2
INX Reshapes the World of Digital Assets Using AWS Services Client 1 INX Reshapes the World of Digital Assets Using AWS Services Client 2

A Bridge into the World of Digital Assets 

INX, the owner of two digital asset trading platforms, is undoubtedly succeeding in transforming the future of finance into reality by developing unique technology that makes highly-regulated digital asset trading fast, safe and secure.

INX’s experienced and dedicated team of business, finance, and technology veterans share a vision of redefining the world of regulated security tokens and cryptocurrency trading. To achieve their vision, they developed regulated, licensed, fully transparent, and secure online and mobile Platforms.

INX’s innovative platforms incorporate specific microservices-based API interface that provides broker-dealers, corporate financiers, traders, investors and market makers with an intuitive user experience as well as a powerful matching engine, complete regulatory oversight, uninterrupted operations, and timely trading support. With INX’s unique combination of expertise in traditional markets and a disruptive fintech approach, the company is a leader in serving the digital asset industry since from the outset INX opted to work in a regulated environment under regulatory oversight.

Partnership Goals

Given that INX’s innovative platform is designed to support high-frequency trading without downtime, INX management prioritized the reliability, stability, and high scalability of a proprietary platform for cross-border, high-volume crypto trading through its unique matching engine.

To achieve its vision, INX partnered with Profisea, an AWS Consulting Partner providing a full suite of cloud services based on best practices for cloud deployment automation. After conducting a thorough examination of all possible alternatives, Profisea offered INX an AWS-based solution which it tailored to INX’s well-architectured, cloud-based infrastructure.

Why AWS is the Right Choice

Amazon Web Services offers numerous reliable, scalable, and affordable cloud computing services for dozens of industries under their AWS ‘pay for what you use’ model and is free to join. AWS also offers additional computing power, virtual storage, databases, containers, cloud, blockchain and/or other functionalities — in short, they offer everything companies need to create sophisticated products with ease and flexibility.

Profisea considered AWS to be the best choice for the INX project because of its effectiveness, convenience, and scalability. It suited our partner’s goals perfectly, providing all necessary resources and services. When building a platform, the main advantage of AWS is that it does not limit developers to a pre-set amount of storage, bandwidth, or computing resources. As needs increase or decrease, developers can use as much or as little as they need and only pay for what they utilize.

Achieving the Goals

This is how Profisea tailored AWS to make it the perfect option for a project of this nature:

  • Our team implemented Terraform for AWS infrastructure to prevent configuration drift and make collaboration easy. Terraform utilizes an immutable infrastructure approach to make updates in the development environment go smoothly, easily, and in a completely bug-proof way. This allowed INX to deploy the whole system over AWS in one click, enabling the overall deployment cycle to be fast, stable, and easy to maintain.
  • We deployed all workloads into AWS EKS to automate load distribution and parallel processing. We also configured Amazon RDS to increase reliability and Amazon ElastiCache to accelerate application and database performance. Amazon Route53 was used to improve reliability with easy re-route configuration.
  • We used CircleCI to build a CI/CD pipeline for INX. Grafana + Prometheus were adopted for Continuous Monitoring and Alerting. We provide INX with NOC support to monitor, maintain and optimize the network 24/7 and ensure there is no downtime.
  • ArgoCD was implemented for Continuous Delivery, and Helm charts were adopted to define, install, and upgrade Kubernetes applications.
  • СloudFlare was used to protect the customer from DDoS attacks.
  • We utilized a customized FinOps solution (ProfiSea Labs) for cloud management and cloud cost optimization.
  • We also implemented an agile development methodology.

As a result, Profisea helped INX’s highly professional experts create a cloud-based, secure, and profoundly reliable platform for crypto trading with an uptime of 99.99%. By using ProfiSea Labs, the customer was able to optimize their cloud costs and eliminate cloud waste.

AWS services used: AWS EKS, Amazon ECR, Amazon Route53, Amazon S3, Amazon RDS.


Profisea and INX built a scalable, robust, and secure crypto platform powered by Kubernetes technology with AWS cloud services. The system supports the trading of various digital assets and is not limited to one or two blockchains. It includes a matching engine running behind a robust and scalable set of microservices and is based on a highly scalable architecture to support high-frequency trading with significant load. The INX and Profisea solution significantly reduced time to market and sustained the stability of the INX trading environment (uptime is 99.99% for 2022).

Profisea continues to work with INX via our dedicated remote NOC monitoring unit, which provides 24/7/365 technical support to the customer’s team. Profisea’s NOC experts monitor all platform processes, infrastructure, and transactions daily, with no exceptions. Our team also tests the platform’s basic functionality, checking that everything works as intended.

Boutique DevOps and Cloud Company Trusted by Market Leaders

Profisea is an Israeli DevOps and Cloud boutique company that implements best practices of GitOps, DevSecOps, Kubernetes-based Cloud environments deployment automation and provides FinOps premium services using a unique AI-based Cloud management platform.

Our mission is to help technology driven companies and organizations connect all the dots between business, development and operations areas to maximize performance, reduce costs and waste, shorten time to market and create an agile application life cycle. As no two clients are alike, we develop customized, unique strategies based on the particular needs of each.

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