GeoX Partners with Profisea to Increase Business Performance via AWS Infrastructure as Code

August 16, 2023


GeoX Partners with Profisea to Increase Business Performance via AWS Infrastructure as Code

Customer Profile

Founded in 2018, GeoX is an Israeli aerial imagery extraction and analytics company that specializes in geospatial data analysis, machine learning (ML), and artificial intelligence (AI) for insurance and real estate markets in Australia, Germany, Israel, the USA, and the United Kingdom.  

The company offers a GeoX Property SaaS Platform to help companies leverage location-based data, gain actionable insights, optimize operations, and make better business decisions. The platform covers a comprehensive database of properties and their attributes derived from aerial imagery, giving real estate professionals and insurers access to real-time property intelligence. 

Partnership Goals

Recently, GeoX leveraged Profisea’s expertise for smooth cloud migration to AWS. As business processes became ever more complex, GeoX decided to improve its cloud infrastructure to be able to scale the environment up or down as needed. This is particularly important for a company that deals with geospatial data, as its infrastructure needs vary considerably since they are driven by the amount of information the platform has to analyze.  

To overcome these challenges, GeoX engineers partnered with Profisea to achieve the following goals: 

  • to implement cloud cost optimization best practices and reduce budget; 
  • to automate infrastructure deployment and management by switching to Infrastructure as Code (IaC); 
  • to provide infrastructure security and scalability to meet the needs of the growing business; 
  • to eliminate manual tasks so development specialists can focus on new features and product enhancements; and 
  • to minimize the amount of downtime caused by infrastructure issues. 

Why Amazon Web Services?

Amazon Web Services (AWS) offers a wide range of services, from computing and storage to databases, analytics, and AI/Machine Learning (ML), to build a complete infrastructure stack, optimize costs, and automate IaC implementation. Cloud services are highly configurable, providing an extensive set of APIs, SDKs, and tools to create a scalable and flexible infrastructure. Also, AWS delivers a wide range of security features and services to define your security policies, access controls, and network configurations. 

Amazon Web Services used in the project: Amazon EC2, Amazon S3, AWS CloudTrail, AWS CloudFormation, Amazon Route 53, AWS CloudWatch, Amazon Relational Database Service (Amazon RDS), Amazon Simple Queue Service (SQS), AWS Certificate Manager, AWS Key Management Service (AWS KMS), AWS Lambda. 

Reaching the Goals

Profisea as an AWS Partner used its extensive DevOps competence to create an excellent Infrastructure as Code solution for GeoX: 

Profisea’s DevOps engineers used Terraform and Terragrunt to provide a simple, declarative syntax for IaC. They created reusable modules for different infrastructure components such as virtual machines, databases, and load balancers.  

With Git, the Profisea team set up a development environment, created a Git repository for the infrastructure code, and used branches to manage different environments such as development, staging, and production. Now, every time a code is pushed to the repository automatic testing is performed via Snyk, the terraform validate command, TFLint, tfsec, and the terraform fmt command. 

DevOps engineers configured API Gateway in Amazon CloudWatch to monitor system performance for AWS applications and resources: 

GeoX now benefits from its monitoring system which checks latency and API correctness, performs stress testing, and sends notifications. CPU metrics are used as a scaling trigger: 

Profisea also provided GeoX with robust security features, including encryption, network reliability, and identity and access management, which ensure complete infrastructure and data safety. 


Implementing Infrastructure as Code helped GeoX achieve better infrastructure consistency, productivity, scalability, and security. The company can now deploy its infrastructure with ease and identify and resolve issues quickly. Overall, GeoX has gained improved efficiency, faster deployments, and optimized cloud costs resulting in heightened levels of GeoX customer service. 

Profisea: a Trusted AWS Partner for a Smooth Cloud Migration

Profisea is an Israeli boutique DevOps and cloud company providing a full spectrum of cloud management services, from smart customization of existing cloud infrastructures to end-to-end cloud infrastructure designing & optimization that meets unique business requirements.  

Since 2015, we have been implementing top practices of GitOps, DevSecOps, and FinOps, and providing Kubernetes-based infrastructure services to help businesses of all sizes – SMB, SME, or large enterprises transform their organizational mindsets, increase productivity, and boost performance. 

If you are looking for optimized infrastructure and enhanced delivery processes, check out our DevOps as a service page to get more information. 


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