INX Uses Amazon RDS to Improve Reliability & Speed

February 23, 2022


INX Uses Amazon RDS to Improve Reliability & Speed

Bringing Digital Asset Trading into the Light

Digital asset adoption is advancing by leaps and bounds, making it almost impossible to grasp that barely a decade ago only tech-savvy individuals dabbled in digital assets, like cryptocurrencies. It is estimated that the global user base of all cryptocurrencies increased by almost 190% between 2018 and 2020, and the cryptocurrency market is predicted to grow at an annual rate of nearly 13% until 2030.

INX, the owner of two digital asset trading platforms, undoubtedly succeeds in transforming the future of finance into reality since it has developed unique technology to make highly-regulated digital asset trading fast, safe and secure in order to fulfill its vision of leading the development of blockchain-based commerce and corporate finance. To achieve its vision, INX designed state-of-the-art trading platforms for a wide array of digital securities that allow its customers to confidently sell and buy digital assets with full regulatory compliance, a high level of protection, and fair-trading policies.

Partnership Goals

Given that INX’s innovative platform is designed to support high-frequency trading without downtime, INX’s main priority was to establish the highest possible level of security for the system and integrate the best DevOps practices to ensure round-the-clock platform stability and reliability.

As an AWS Consulting Partner providing the full range of cloud services, ProfiSea used its considerable Amazon AWS expertise and experience to help INX host a cloud-enabled, highly scalable, reliable, and secure cryptocurrency Kubernetes-based platform.

Why AWS?

AWS was the obvious choice since it would make it easier for INX to take advantage of the vendor’s many and varied compute, storage, and database options. AWS provides all the infrastructure needed to keep the entire system scalable, easily configured, and manageable.

Amazon RDS

AWS provides Relational Database Services (RDS) for open-source database engines such as MySQL and PostgreSQL. The services are accompanied by different compute, memory, and storage options adjusted to various workloads. RDS also offers deployment capabilities in most AWS regions to deliver automatic failover and improved availability of the applications.

One of the core benefits of RDS is that it has the flexibility to provision the number of resources an application needs and scale up or down as requirements change, allowing you to quickly deploy scalable MySQL or PostgreSQL servers with easily resizable hardware capacity.

Achieving the Customer’s Goals

ProfiSea’s plan of action included setting up an RDS MySQL database to be utilized by Backend apps.

Amazon RDS allowed the INX system to deploy a dedicated database per environment which ensures fast connections, automated backups and easy monitoring of the entire process.

In addition, the cost optimization approach of Amazon RDS makes it a cost-effective solution: you pay only for the resources utilized, and RDS costs can easily be optimized by right-sizing and implementing a policy of defining, identifying, and resolving unused instances.

AWS services used: Amazon S3, AWS CloudFront for static files

Third-party solutions used: CloudFlare.


INX’s innovative platform is fast, reliable, and secure. The platform integrates the best DevOps and Cloud practices and principles, due mainly to the use of easy-to-configure and scalable AWS services.

Amazon RDS simplifies the process of setting up, operating and scaling a relational database in the cloud. It saves costs and allows developers to easily resize capacity to meet the needs while automating time-consuming hardware provisioning, database setup, patching, and backups. Such an approach frees time for more critical tasks and enhances confidence in terms of reliability and performance.

By leveraging Amazon RDS, which supports MySQL, INX gained considerable scalability, performance, and fault tolerance capabilities. With Amazon RDS providing advanced automation, platform maintenance is much faster, which in turn boosts flexibility and time-saving opportunities for INX. Amazon RDS is easy to manage with the added benefit of automatically adding storage as needed, which can be very helpful during periods of peak performance.

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