DevOps & Cloud Services: Crucial Importance for Startups

November 22, 2022


DevOps & Cloud Services: Crucial Importance for Startups

Don’t miss the unique opportunity to meet Anton Grishko, Chief Architect, to find out how DevOps, Cloud Computing, FinOps, DevSecOps, SRE, ALM, and NOC solutions help streamline development, fasten deployment, and boost Startups’ growth!

Join live stream on November 30 at 5 p.m. (GMT+2), and have an informal discussion about the crucial importance of DevOps and Cloud services for startups and the best practices for using these solutions.

It is hard to believe, but only about 8% of Startups succeed. And the main reason for failure is the wrong approach to internal business processes.   

The main motive for startups to address their development pain points to DevOps and Cloud experts is a lack of time and financing to create an in-house DevOps department. However, according to Statista, almost 80% of all businesses, from startups to large enterprises, believe that DevOps is at least somewhat important, with nearly half claiming it is extremely crucial. The winning teams that actively implement DevOps and Cloud services demonstrate: 

  • x973 higher software product deployment speed
  • x6570 higher server recovery speed after an unexpected failure
  • 33% lower share of unsuccessful changes  

Profisea proves DevOps technology is of utmost importance. Therefore, DevOps is your hero if you want your startup to become a part of the 80% winner group. 

No doubt, any startup can try to master the DevOps methodology and set up all the processes independently. But new knowledge requires additional financial costs. Like any training, it also requires a long learning curve. And more – you will have to put the acquired skills into practice using the base of your own business. In case of failure, it is not the best platform for experiments!  

While DevOps may seem difficult to implement, it provides long-term benefits once you get professional support. Having exceptional DevOps & Cloud services may extend your budget, but it can make a difference in the startups market. They create a road map for the excellent construction of all business processes and guarantee the company an undeniable advantage over competitors. 

To sum up, the main startup benefits of implementing DevOps and Cloud services are:  

  • system thinking and cooperation
  • fast product release and issue resolution performance  
  • enhanced agility and operational efficiency 
  • elevated profit 
  • upgraded customer satisfaction 
  • boosted competitiveness
  • improved innovation 

So, get ready to hear Anton’s insights about DevOps & Cloud Services, actualize the most common startup issues, and see the best opportunities DevOps provides to improve your SDLC!  

After the webinar, you will have a clear vision of implementing DevOps to increase development productivity, automate workflows, reduce human errors, and increase profits. 

You will also explore the scope of DevOps and Cloud services that depend on the needs and business resources and the apparent advantages of addressing mature DevOps and Cloud companies 

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