Cloud/DevOps predictions for 2023: IT reshaping anticipated

December 15, 2022


Cloud/DevOps predictions for 2023: IT reshaping anticipated

The increasing number of Cloud services and their advantages have changed how companies approach their business. According to Forrester’s Cloud/DevOps predictions, 40% of companies will adopt a cloud-native-first strategy in 2023 to solve business issues, increase digital transformation and reduce costs.

Gartner forecasts that next year cloud spending will grow 21% to a total of $592 billion:

As the global economic recession doesn’t show signs of slowing down, more and more companies will be looking for reliable cloud solutions. Let’s peek into the 2023 Cloud/DevOps trends and try to predict what kinds of challenges your business might anticipate in maintaining its capacity, ability to innovate, and meet customers’ demands.

Cloud/DevOps predictions for 2023

Ultimate automation

Automation is essential to manage CI/CD processes, infrastructure, applications, services, etc. Besides simplifying loads of repetitive and routine tasks, it helps streamline all business processes and, consequently, save time for innovation, increased security, and efficiency.

In 2023, DevOps teams will expand automation far beyond continuous integration and continuous delivery to other dimensions of IT management and development operations. Demand for ultimate automation, acceleration, and agility will produce new practices.

The main idea of all *Ops models is to bridge development processes and improve operationalization and automation of the software development lifecycle. So, your future challenge is understanding which Ops are critical for your business and how to implement these approaches to achieve the best results.

XaaS advantages

The growing utilization of cloud-based services, the rising volumes of data, and the growing requirement for scalability will drive the global anything-as-a-service (XaaS) market.

In 2023, the global XaaS market size reached $239 billion. Furthermore, experts predict it will gain a growth rate (CAGR) of 18% from 2023 to 2028.

XaaS refers to the broad range of cloud-based solutions deployed remotely and accessed on demand. With anything-as-a-service, you do not need to worry about building an on-premise warehouse, setting-up hardware, or creating custom software.

Instead, a company just purchases a XaaS product license and take ad   vantage of its features, including flexibility, scalability, speed, and cost savings.

Must-have AI/ML practices

Artificial intelligence and machine learning have been growing intensively to increase operational efficiency and drive business innovation. And the Cloud helps companies maximize their AI/ML expenditures.

A recent AI/ML survey shows that 64% of “high performers” run their AI workloads on Cloud. About two-thirds of respondents say their investments in AI/ML will increase during the next three years.

The high performers use Cloud to benefit from more AI/ML capabilities, including natural-language speech and facial recognition. Compared to private data centers, Cloud infrastructure has sufficient data storage and computing capability needed for AI and machine learning applications.

As one of the greatest AI/ML features is increasing developers’ productivity, companies will move to a 4-day work week in the nearest future.

FinOps to add business value

Spending more on Cloud is a necessity. But you are obliged to monitor this spending to be successful and get a handle on costs, especially when inflation continues to increase the cost of doing business.

According to IDC FutureScape, 80% of organizations using cloud services will establish a dedicated FinOps to automate policy-driven observability and optimization of cloud resources by 2023.

FinOps as a service is an operational and cultural shift that brings technology, finance, and business together to deliver financial accountability and add business value via increasing organizations’ abilities to understand cloud costs and enable cloud transformation.

Profisea’s experienced Cloud finance managers will temporarily join your team to develop a well-architected FinOps strategy based on FinOps best practices. Plus, Profisea engineers developed a unique Cloud cost-reduction platform. Powered by artificial intelligence, our solution analyzes system utilization and provides unique recommendations and support to reduce Cloud costs by up to 75%.

Rise of curated open source

Having become a crucial solution for your SDLC, open source is a public infrastructure that helps empower your business.

With the rise of compliance regulations (FedRAMP, etc.), curated open source adds the extra layer of accountability needed to run the applications that will power our future.

Curated open source aims to improve software supply chain security by simplifying and actively vetting key open-source packages. The “curator” focuses not just on finding vulnerabilities but also on fixing them through automated testing.

In the next years, 80% of developers will use some form of curated open source, having access to a set of the same open-source packages companies depend on in their products and services.

Keeping an eye on Cloud/DevOps predictions

Profisea always keeps an eye on the Cloud/DevOps trends to make your business innovative, enhanced, and Ops-friendly.

With our best DevOps practices, you will clearly understand what can be improved. Our high-quality engineers will adapt your business to new situations and drive major business transformations to become better at developing, releasing, and maintaining your product or service.

Profisea designs DevOps solutions to make CI/CD as painless and streamlined as possible. We’ve taken years of experience to unlock Cloud opportunities, from optimizing operations and automating routine tasks to creating more compelling customer experiences.

We are always ready to provide rapid progress with ultimate automation, XaaS, AI/ML, FinOps practices, and security letting your businesses concentrate on steadily improving results.


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