NOC as a service

Profisea NOC (Network Operations Center) monitors your сloud technologies for maximum resilience, stability and security.

It’s always on, so you can switch off. 

NOC advantages

99.999 product

Significantly decreased

Meet your business SLA

How Profisea сan
help you

Profisea helps you overcome the network issues you face and creates cutting-edge solutions to fit even the most unexpected business needs. 

Are you facing any of these NOC issues?

  • You lack on-demand visibility of your infrastructure  
  • You want to improve network availability and minimize downtime 
    • You lack the in-house skills needed for complex systems and infrastructure 

    Streamline your business and leave daily network administration to Profisea!

    Get freedom to focus
    on your business!

    Profisea is your trusted NOC Service provider

    Profisea offers NOC Services from experienced engineers and provides tailor-customed solutions to increase the margin and thereby allow your team to focus on your business strategy and the offering — whether it’s a product or service.

    Knowledge-based management

    Our experts will engineer state-of-the-art automated policies to automate, monitor, and manage your workload and provide you with the right and easy-to-use information for your operational excellence. 

    Fast troubleshooting

    With robust monitoring in place, we can detect any issue in real time. As soon as anything happens, Profisea’s NOC team of certified DevOps engineers will identify the immediate cause of failure and perform basic troubleshooting.

    Highly-skilled team

    Our experienced and certified Cloud and DevOps professionals have in-depth expertise in Kubernetes, Docker, AWS, Azure and GCP to provide your business with real-time support so you have optimal network performance.

    Word-class toolchain

    We leverage the latest technologies and tools for network monitoring, security and reliability so as to make all processes agile in the long run (Grafana, Kibana, Prometheus, and many others). 

    24/7/365 support

    Your business will benefit from infrastructure and application support 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. 100% visibility and protection with no blind spots so you can maintain your impressive reputation. 

    Reduced costs

    No need for you to recruit, train, or retain highly-paid network management specialists. Free up your resources so they can focus on decision-making for your core business. 

    Always on,
    so you can switch off

    Why choose Profisea

    Expand your coverage without expanding your payroll!

    Expand your coverage without expanding your payroll!

    Get in touch and start working with Profisea to reap the benefits:  

    • Reduced IT spend  
    • Resource optimization  
    • Better risk management  
    • Significantly reduced downtime  
    • Incident prompt management and treatment   
    • IT resources are freed up for other tasks  
    • A Kubernetes-ready monitoring NOC team 
    • Enhanced network monitoring around the clock  
    • DevOps engineers are on duty together with the NOC team 
    • Customization to fit your business 

    Profisea is your partner to monitor and manage your assets on the highest level

    Our NOC specialists use best practices for maintaining 100% network/application uptime:

    • Continuous monitoring of information and network systems 
    • Prioritizing incident response and resolution 
    • Clear hierarchy for escalating incidents  
    • Identifying and mitigating incidents based on specific criteria 
    • Collecting performance data and generating reports 
    • Documenting incident-response activities 
    • Performing regular system testing

    Accelerate your growth and free up your staff to focus on your own high-value services with our state-of-the-art NOC solutions. Profisea is your partner for monitoring and managing your network assets at the highest level. 

    Our onboarding process

    Profisea internal preparation

    Evaluating client’s request

    Customer infastructure training

    Preparing NOC team to project

    Monitoring system setup

    Leveraging Prometheus, Grafana, Kibana

    Customer’s site alerts setup

    Adjusting alerts using monitoring system

    Alerting & escalation processes setup

    Arranging SLA, escalation flows, permissions

    Alerting & escalation tools setup

    Using Jira, Сonfluence, Slack, Opsgenie, Pingdom

    Dry run period

    TBD with the customer