New Era in the Crypto World 

Crypto trading Powerhouse INX undoubtedly succeeds in transforming the Future of Finance into Reality, developing unique technology to make highly-regulated cryptocurrency trading fast, safe and secure. INX’s experienced and dedicated team of business, finance, and technology veterans with the shared vision of redefining the regulated security tokens and crypto trading world developed a regulated, licensed, and secure Crypto Trading Platform. INX’s innovative platform is endowed with a specific microservices-based API interface for broker-dealers, corporate financiers, traders, and market makers to achieve an intuitive user experience, a powerful matching engine, complete regulatory oversight, uninterrupted operations, and timely trading support. With INX’s unique combination of traditional markets expertise and a disruptive fintech approach, the platform offers its customers state-of-the-art crypto services breaking a record as the world’s first public contribution of digital security to be registered with the US Securities and Exchange Commission.  

Partnership Goals  

Given that INX’s innovative platform is designed to support high-frequency trading without downtime, INX leaders prioritized the reliability, stability, and high scalability of a proprietary platform for cross-border, high-volume crypto trading through its unique matching engine. INX partnered with Profisea, an AWS Consulting Partner and Amazon RDS Service Delivery Partner that provides the full range of cloud services based on best practices for cloud deployment automation. After thoroughly examining all possible options, Profisea offered INX the AWS-based solution to design INX’s well-architectured infrastructure already on the cloud.  

Why AWS is the Right Choice 

Amazon Web Services offers numerous reliable, scalable, and affordable cloud computing services for dozens of industries. AWS operates on a ‘pay only for what you use basis and is free to join. Additional computing power, virtual storage, databases, containers, cloud, blockchain, or other functionality — AWS has it all to help companies create sophisticated products quickly and flexibly. AWS was the best choice for the INX project due to its effectiveness, convenience, and scalability. It perfectly suited our partner’s goals, providing all necessary resources and services. When it comes to building platforms, the main advantage of AWS is that it does not limit developers to a pre-set amount of storage, bandwidth, or computing resources they can use. As needs increase or decrease, developers can use as much or as little as they need and only pay for what they utilize. 

Reaching the Goals 

Profisea leveraged AWS services to design and host INX cloud infrastructure. INX had several crucial requirements for this project, including high availability, reliability, scalability, data privacy & compliance, increased security, and easy internal governance. Here is why AWS was a perfect option for Profisea experts to: 

  1. Ensure high availability of INX systems setting up at least 3 AZs per Region for the EKS cluster and implementing the solution for the ElastiCache Redis cluster. Plus, the RabbitMQ cluster for Amazon MQ was established to enable classic mirroring across all nodes, enabling high availability. 
  1. Bring one-click deployment (shortened from 8 hours to 15 minutes), provisioning and managing AWS-based architecture via IaC (infrastructure as code), and CI/CD practices using Terraform as a commercial templating solution. 
  1. Streamline management processes by deploying a centralized Management account and moving ECR, SecretManager, and S3 buckets for logs into this account. Additionally, we implemented the Jump account approach (removed all users from other versions) and privileges based on AWS recommendations. 
  1. Uphold a 99.999% uptime guaranteed by service level agreement (SLA) implementing cross-region replication for ECR, S3, Secret Manager, etc. 
  1. Ensure hard-edged security, setting up automated backups & an effective disaster recovery plan, and leveraging СloudFare to protect from DDoS attacks for INX’s unique platform to be SOC2 and PCI-DSS compiled. All this allowed INX to hold Money Transmitter licenses and Broker-dealer & Alternative Trading System licenses in several US states. 
  1. Upgrade visibility and control over INX cloud infrastructure via Amazon CloudWatch, and AWS CloudTrail services that, together with Grafana/Prometheus solutions, ensure continuous monitoring and alerting. In Addition, Profisea provides INX with NOC support to monitor, maintain and optimize the network 24/7 and ensure no downtime.   
  1. Increasing INX teams’ performance by 53% due to complete automation of previously manual cloud infrastructure management processes. 
  1. Address a broad scope of AWS cloud management challenges connecting INX’s environments to Profisea’s innovative, AI-powered, FinOps platform Uniskai. 

Future Plans  

Profisea continues to work with INX as we assemble a remote NOC Monitoring unit that provides 24/7 technical support for the customer’s team. Profisea’s NOC experts monitor all platform processes, infrastructure, and transactions daily with no exceptions. They also regularly test the platform’s basic functionality, checking whether everything works as intended.  

Additionally, Pofisea experts plan to migrate QA environments into EKS clusters and implement multi-cluster solutions in different regions for INX AWS-based environments in September-October 2022. 

AWS and third-party services used:  

  • EKS (Elastic Kubernetes Service) 
  • microservices 
  • AWS ElasticCache – Redis 
  • ECR (Elastic Container Registry) 
  • S3 
  • CloudFront 
  • Transit GW 
  • Secret manager 
  • CloudTrail 
  • CloudWatch 
  • SSM 
  • KMS 
  • Atlas MongoDB 
  • CircleCI 


  • Terraform 
  • Helm 
  • ArgoCD 
  • Jenkins 


With AWS cloud services, Profisea and INX were able to build a scalable, robust, and secure crypto platform powered by innovative technology. The system supports the trading of various digital assets, not limited to one or two blockchains, includes a matching engine, running behind a robust and scalable set of microservices, and is based on a highly scalable architecture to support high-frequency trading with significant load. As we worked on a new project with INX, our solution helped:  

  • Reduce time to market  
  • Bring one-click deployment 
  • Maintain the stability of the environment (uptime is 99.99% for 2021-2022) 
  • Ensure high availability of INX systems 
  • Establish hard-ended security, allowing INX’s unique platform to be SOC2 and PCI-DSS compiled and hold Money Transmitter licenses and Broker-dealer & Alternative Trading System licenses in several US states 
  • Increase INX teams’ performance by 73% 

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