Make Informed Architectural Decisions with Profisea

Elevate your architectural decisions with the AWS Well-Architected Framework, a collection of best practices and guidelines. AWS continually refines and expands this framework based on real-world experiences, customer feedback, and advances in cloud technology. By partnering with Profisea, you benefit not only from AWS's expertise but also from the collective knowledge of cloud architects who have faced similar challenges.

Core Pillars of the AWS Well-Architected Framework Review 

How AWS Well-Architected Framework Reviews Work 

At Profisea, we comprehend the vital alignment of cloud infrastructure with your business objectives. We are your trusted partner for AWS Well-Architected Reviews, offering a comprehensive approach to assess, optimize, and align your cloud architecture with AWS Well-Architected Framework.


Initial Meeting

We start with an introductory meeting, providing an outline of the review process. We highlight the program's industry significance, share pertinent case studies, discuss primary objectives, review technical documentation for each pillar, and outline solution deliverables.

Estimated duration:

30 minutes – 1 hour


AWS Well-Architected Framework Review

The core of the review involves a thorough assessment of your current cloud architecture and infrastructure. Our AWS-certified experts conduct interviews with your technical and business teams to validate alignment with the AWS Well-Architected Framework.

Estimated duration:

2 – 4 hours


Report Presentation

Following the review, we submit a comprehensive report outlining identified risks in each of the six pillars. This report serves as a valuable reference, highlighting areas requiring attention and improvement. We also present a remediation plan with clear priorities and tools to address risks.

Estimated duration:

2 hours


Remediation Plan

If you choose to proceed, Profisea's dedicated team, including a Project Manager, Chief Solutions Architect, and certified cloud engineers, collaborates closely with your team to implement necessary improvements. 

Benefits of the Well-Architected Framework Review

Risk Mitigation

By systematically evaluating your architecture against best practices, you can address vulnerabilities, and reduce security breaches, system failures, and other critical issues.

Cost Optimization

Through the review process, you can gain insights into your cloud spending patterns and understand how to align costs with actual resource usage.

Improved Performance

The review process identifies opportunities to enhance performance, leading to increased customer satisfaction and business success.

Enhanced Security

By following the recommended security best practices, you can protect your sensitive data and assets from potential security breaches.

Operational Excellence

Well-Architected reviews provide insights into streamlining operational processes, resulting in smoother deployments and more effective overall management.

and Agility

By continually assessing your architecture, your business will be in a prime position to respond swiftly to challenges and opportunities, while enhancing innovation and agility in your cloud-based solutions.

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